Careers with Riviera

We are a firm that has work, jobs and careers for nearly everyone.

We prize attitude above all else. For sure, many of our jobs require a high degree of competence in specialist areas, and/or the correct experience, but a desire to learn, the ability to collaborate with colleagues, and a true desire to delight customers are the qualities we are looking-for at Riviera.

Some of our jobs are for students on a gap-year, or people in town for a short period, but most are for those looking to make a career with us. You can move at your pace, but if you really want responsibility, you will get it quickly with us.

We have jobs in London, at top beach and ski resorts in France, in Majorca and soon, Ibiza. If you are an EU passport holder you can move freely between those countries, working for a season or for a brief change of scene to learn a new language or skills. For UK passport holders, things are trickier since Brexit, but we are able to obtain working visas for people to work in France for set periods. Our aim is that you can have a whole career, moving up the company, and throughout our beautiful locations.

Our salaries are standard within the industry. We pay the same as others or a little more. We try to make our perks and benefits much better though.  Truth is that you are unlikely to become a millionaire working in Hospitality or Tourism – we do it for the team spirit, hours that fit into our home life, the opportunities to travel, to meet interesting (most of the time) people, and because we don’t really like sitting at desks or being part of the rat-race.

In addition to a salary, here are some of the reasons why it’s worth working for us:

Commitment to Training: For as long as you are with us, we will keep training you. Every week there are in-house and external training courses. It might be an afternoon learning about cheese, or a 1-year course to gain your wine qualifications. First aid, fire safety, service for fish, whatever you want to learn, we are committed to your learning. The only areas that we do not pay for training is in languages, but we will always try to find jobs that suit your language ability.

Tips: All tips and gratuities go to you. Each restaurant has a Troncmaster and tips are divided as fairly as possible between you.

Holiday & Restaurant Discounts: You will be eligible for generous discounts across our European destinations. In some cases these discounts can be gifted to friends and family. Discounts vary from 25% to 80%, depending on season. At our London restaurants you will be eligible for a 25% discount on food and drink at any time.

Freedom to Travel: Without losing your job, you will be able to work at many of our other locations in London and in Europe. We are part of a larger hotel group based in the Alps. Fancy a ski-season? Check. Fancy surfing in Western France for summer? Check. Want to work in our Vinyard in the Alps? Check.

Sabbaticals, Travel etc: We’ll keep your job open if you need or want a break. We have many mums and dads, for example, who fit work around their home commitments, and we are nearly always able to increase or decrease your hours to suit you.

Uniform: Clothing is provided for work. After a suitable amount of time with us, you will be given an allowance to buy (within guidelines) a personalised suit for you.

Staff Referral and Quality Bonuses: You will be able to earn up to £500 if you refer quality staff to us (who serve for a minimum period). You will also be able to earn bonuses of up to £100/month for customer recognition.

Back of House staff: For staff who are unable to directly benefit from customer quality commentary, there is the chef’s bonus of £100 for the employee of the month.

We are currently hiring, please email or call us on 020 7495 1505